These days technology touches the sky with its latest tools and gadgets. It’s not end, more advancement is coming in near future. With these developments we’ve achieved a lot. But still some things are used as they’ve invented from the day one. Yes you heard right.


Let me tell you one of those inventions. “Pen” is being used as is it from the day one. Only difference comes in term of shape, but basic manufacturing is still same. People who still like writing with pen can be your targeted audience in this regard. So there is a chance for you to get custom usb pen and put your logo and company info to spread around those people. I damn sure they will like your tech gadget as well resembles the old pen.

The stylish USB Pen combines a ballpoint pen with a PDA along with 128 USB Flash drive, in an attractive stylishly minimalist gadget. You can get this corporate device at best prices and can explore your user experience. Newtiq USB Pen is a three in one USB Stick, ballpoint pen & outstanding touch stylus. The rubber tip is very accurate nib on all touch screen gadgets.

Let’s know more about USB Pen:

This is not only a pen that permits you to jot down your stimulation but also USB Drive to improve your digital contents. If you are one who prefers combinations; then order now USB Flash Drive Pen and have jackpot experience.

This flexible USB Flash Drive measures about 138 x 18 x 16mm and weights 17g. The best aspect of this smart thing USB is you can use it as practical pen in order that you can easily jot down any note, recall or date on your handwriting book when you are on the go and incorporated clips permits you to hold the pen with ease. Moreover there is tiny removable USB Flash drive adjusted on the upper part of the pen so you can also use the pen to stand out files between commuters and the USB 2.0 drive is attuned with multiple mainstream operating systems.

Memory Storage:

This contains upon COB high quality memory chip, it is just 14mm in diameter and exclusively stands out from the list of pen drives.USB Pen is simple to customize along with pad printing and you can get it in multiple colors. This is best device for mobiles, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone and tablet computers as well.

Benefits of Custom USB Pen:

  • Old fashion in is new innovative way.
  • More likeable community reaches.
  • Attractive in design.
  • Very much useful in many ways, like for your promotional purpose, client daily usage etc.
  • Your customized order at flexible prices.
  • Can be promoted in schools, colleges, universities and other organization.