With the exclusive USB light one can easily lighten up the dark places of the work space. Consuming power from any USB source including the Guide 10 plus recharges & Goal Zero switch, this pliant light manages to any direction and instantly changes from flood light to task light with its removable covers. It doesn’t matter your campaign in the backcountry or looking for the missing screwdriver in the garage lets use Newtiq USB Light to light up your night.


Additional Benefits of USB Light

  • Instant release mounting
  • Flexible silicon body
  • Waterproof
  • Superslim
  • Integrated housing & lens
  • Integrated clipping features
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Elegant battery saving storage mode
  • Hold button down to turn any mode
  • Can be seen up to 600 metres
  • Front light 3 hrs up to 12hrs flashing
  • Quality bright high-powered LED
  • Rear Light 3.5hrs steady up to 23hrs flashing

 Basic Features and Name

In general USB Light is kind of USB Flash that gives multiple benefits and major features is its light. This is easy to carry, you can fit into the pocket, and everyone can plug it into the USB port on a computer. Sometimes they add up a wire that is easy to plug into another device either computer via various of them feature as standalone hardware. The featuring name USB drive comes from specific regions while they are originated in terms of security hardware and has boosted in use to related gadgets.


The battery discharge feature has been linked into the electronics to increase battery life. The feature needs to be activated when light will not be consumed for an extended period. To activate mode just hold down power button for just 5 sec after entire charge cycle.