This is another kind of USB known as USB clip, this is small in size and easy to carry anywhere. The exclusive clip USB flash drive is attractive, sophisticated stunning in design; this is stylish & practical as well. The tiny form elements permit to focus upon brand without managing users message.  This flash drive can be linked with business cards, prospects, brochures and multiple types of document continuously supporting up to 64GB of storage capacity and the entire multimedia benefits that USB drive provide.


You can order it from anywhere and get your favorite device. We know that how much influence you have from your favorite color gadget. Our entire provided clip connects the digital & physical world in best way. USB Clips offers multiple advantages as you can save practical data storage and explore each kind of its functionality. The most frequent practical use of day-to-day business as well as private use proffers connectivity with all USB ports.


These think USB Clips are designed in such a way that they can be resistant to dust, static discharges, water, and this tremendous clip device is easy to approach which color you want.

Reliable for Long time

This is ultra reliable SIP kind of tech summarizes all electronics factors

Secure & Safe Mode

The dynamic security features supports to safety & protection on outstanding data available for download.


It has long time warranty and some USB drives comes with lifetime limited warranty. As companies ensures about the quality of their product.