A device giving you a new sort of comfort, take it when you are drinking yes this is an opener for bottles you can use. If you want to use some unique kind of devices then this is one of them having USB & Bottle opener features.


Features of the Flash Drive

This is personalized USB Bottle Opener Flash Drive, it comes with little twist on users regular stick or bottle opener. You can order it from your home and get deliver at your doorstep. You can upload data on all USB flash drives, proposed to USB drive and size of the data might be free of charge, you can ask at the time of placing your quotation.

There are multiple factors that we carry around but if you can handle to remember all of them then you need to like you were ready to hike. So we manage, we manage things and make the possibility that you can access the USBs. Now you can easily band on any bottle anywhere with USB Bottle Opener.

This is attractive shiny silver USB flash having 8 GB storage capacity. You can save your all important data & undoubtedly as a bottle opener. So bring it to your work you can load it up for the important files and then explore it to your happy hour either back to your place. It would be not wrong to say this is awesome invention for users who like innovative products.

Product Specifications

  • USB 2.0, 8 GB of storage
  • Useful, stylish, portable in two ways
  • This flash drive also opens bottles!
  • Multiple dimensions include: 75 x 18 x 9 mm (approx.)
  • Please drink & download responsibly
  • Dimensions:    Weight: 40g
  • Supports Windows 7/Vista/XP, Linux 2.5, MAC OS X or higher