You have a newly established business or existing business and want to promote in different style. Then here is a unique idea for you to get max out of your business campaigns, deal or sales.Here comes lanyard USB Flash drives with beautiful customized colored rope. You can try this new way of promotion for your specific product or business.


You already have gotten with this trendy Lanyard customized USB Flash. The exceptional design of this Lanyard is perfect for recipients who use corporate ID badges and prefer to keep them handy all times. Prefer to have your own custom logo printed on this exclusively customized USB flash drive, on both neck strap & plastic clasp of the product.

Uses of Lanyard USB:

This Lanyard can be easily worn around your neck if you want to make it your style, so that your customers keep their files near at hand. This dynamic USB flash drive can manage multiple files like company catalogs, PDF marketing materials, promotional videos & much more. Every time the recipient works on this USB drive the company either corporate gets exposure and your product make growth. Use it as a promotional item for trade show and regular customs and share it with your employees and clients to whom you interact on daily basis.

Lanyard USB offers the eventual convenience by associating a USB Flash Drive with the recognizable Lanyard neck strap. This makes it perfect for use through conference organizers either institute that need proper identification to be manifested. The patent pending mechanism uses a specific earth magnet to permit instant release approach to both the USB drive & the significantly linked items to the last of the lanyard. The mechanism has included advantage of permitting the Flash drive end of the item to securely break away from the neck strap lanyard must become coincidently snagged. You can order it now as this is available in huge variety of colors both the Lanyard USB & Flash USB Drive neck strap are easy to brand with your company logo.

Benefits at Lanyard USB:

  • It’s more than just a tech gadget. It’s also a marketing tactic to grab more clients.
  • Promote your business at casual or corporate events.
  • Gift your employees as job position card with lanyard usb.
  • The rope will contain important contact info regarding your business.
  • You can get any type of custom lanyard usb to promote your product or services.
  • More people attraction towards your brand by seeing lanyard usb.
  • It’s a process of constantly advertisement of your product.
  • It’s much cheaper and easy to use for all.
  • It can carry multiple items at a time, like employee job card, usb and your company info.