Life is incomplete without USB flash drives today and Apple only allows connecting with certain Apple devices exclusively. Connecting USB to an iPhone or iPads need an extra connector. Lack of the USB port can be a trouble for you especially if you want to transfer or copy some data, photos or videos. You may be using other methods like emailing to get your data into iPhone.
There are USB thumb drives, USB connectors and some wireless means available to attach a USB with iPhone. Might be using intermediary laptop or computer annoy you and it is not a fast method as well.
Methods of connection
iTunes is a way to connect to the USB, you need to attach the USB with laptop or computer, open the files you need and connect with them via iTunes.
Lightning connectors are the latest method to attach the USB with iPhone. They work for the 4th and 5th generation Apple devices including iPad.
Lightning Connectors
Lightning connector to the USB camera Adapter has a USB connector at one end and a lightning connector at the other. It attaches with the iPhone. Just affix the USB to the other end and you will be able to hook up USB to your iPhone.
Other Devices
There are several other means available for hooking up USB with the apple device that includes hyper iStick, Sandisk iXpand, Leef iBridge, iKlips, and others. They are the classic USB connectors that have the micro USB at one end that easily attached with the iPhone and has the USB port at the other end that connects with the USB flash drive. These devices are available online and are simple to use.
OTG cable
OTG cable is the convenient method of connecting USB to and iPhone and it works for all generations. It makes the smooth connection of the USB with iPhone.
Using On the Go Cable
This is the easily available cable and very simple to use.
Step1: Connect the mini plug with the iPhone slot for connection
Step 2: Connect the USB drive in the plug of the OTG cable
Step 3: Open your drive with the “connected device” option and transfer the data as you want.
Using any drive in connection to your iPhone in order to attach the USB flash drive will come up with the app that is necessary for the device. Download and install the app that it automatically requires especially for usb device.

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